Kaleshwaram Temple is in a village in Mahadevpur Mandal in Karimnagar district in the state of Telangana. Kaleshawaraa is on the border of Telangana and Maharashtra at the juncture of the Rivers Godavari and its Pranahita tributary. It is 277 kilometres from Hyderabad, 125 kilometres from Karimnagar, 115 kilometres from Warangal, 75 kilometres from Parkal and 60 kilometres from Manthani. Kaleshwaram is an eminent Historical and ancient temple with its divine powers, this temple is situated at the Bank of River Godavari and between the border of Maharastra and Andhra Pradesh. Here in this Temple, daily 1000s of Devotees visit the temple and offer prayer to the deity Sri Kaleshwara Muktheeshwara Swamy Varu. And get blessed. Here devotee's belief that once we come to this temple and offer prayer devotees will get blessed fulfills their all wants.

As per the Ancient (Puranam) and Village Elders this temple was established by the Lord Yama (Lord of Narka) and named Muktheeshwara and at the same place lord Shiva appeared in the form of lignum and named as Kaleshwara at the same stone. Two lingas appears closely at the same place names by Kaleshwara Mukteshwara Swamy Varu. Here in this temple another importance is Triveni Sangamam Three River sangamam River Godavari, River Sarasvathi, Rivar Pranahita comes to gether called Prana Hita River. When we offer Abhishekam to the deities the water flaws in the form of River Sarasvathi and Pranahita and mixed in River Godavari, no other temple in the world has this type of temple.

The Meening of Kaleshwara is Yama (Lord of Narka) and Mukteshwara is Lord Shiva. This two lings appears in one place this temple also called pranabattam (One Pitham). Daily thousand of devotees visit to the temple during the Festival and Jathara period lakhs of devotes visit to the temple among them 1000 of devotees and VIP are from other states like Maharastra, Karnataka and other states. Offer pooja to the divinity and get hallowed.

Kaleshwaram Temple History in Telugu

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